Van briggle pottery dating

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In doing so, the couple began what would become America’s longest operational pottery studio: Van Briggle Pottery.

Learn more fascinating facts about Artus and Anne Van Briggle in this new column.

The high altitude was the best they could offer at that time for someone suffering from TB.

And he worked there from around 1900 until his death in 1904.

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Artus Van Briggle lived only 35 years, but he left behind an artistic legacy.

2 During the June 5, 2015, Early 20th Century Decorative Arts auction, presented by Rago Auction Gallery, a seldom-seen Lorelei vase, early 20th century, two-color glaze, measuring 10 1/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches, marked AA VAN BRIGGLE 17/1902/III, soared past its estimate of ,000 to ,000 to finish at 4,000.

3 Artus Van Briggle began his creative journey as a painter, studying in Europe.

Back then, most pottery was created to be used in everyday life by an individual that probably lived near you.

the tradition, being mindful of the aesthetic awareness and approach the Van Briggles set forth.

The company, established in 1899, is reportedly the oldest active art pottery in the U. However, it “temporarily paused production” recently, while a change in ownership takes place, according to an automated email response from the company.

Van Briggle was a key figure in bringing the concept of Art Nouveau to the United States.

The satin sheen, the softened and curved designs, and motifs drawn from things of nature and legend make a Van Briggle piece unique in art pottery.

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