Consolidating airline miles pacing a relationship dating

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So if you receive Star Alliance Award travel, you can use these miles across all "Miles and More" partners. Another good strategy to easily combine air miles with other airlines is to enroll in American Express Membership Rewards program ( you have an AMEX card and are enrolled in the program, it is easy for you to determine how many points will translate into a roundtrip ticket.And purchasing miles to “top off” an account is generally prohibitively expensive, especially if you need more than a few miles.But because of the particular combination of programs in which you have accumulated miles, there may be a way to get a tad closer to a free trip.Whenever you fly with one of our member airlines, register your account number to earn miles or points on qualifying fares.

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I have about 28,000 miles combined, with over 16,000 from United.

I’m hoping to save as much money as possible on the airfare for this trip next October.

A free ticket would be a nice bonus, but I don’t know how to go about it. Tom Dear Tom, Generally speaking, there is no easy or cost-effective way to transfer miles among different programs.

That person controls all the points that are transferred to the family account.

Jet Blue also requires each person who participates to contribute at least 10 percent of the miles they earn.

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